About Us

We started the first Cabin Park in Port Pirie in 1995, inspired by our travels around Australia for Hayden’s car racing events. We had a growing family on the road for long stretches at a time, and it was so difficult to find suitable accommodation within a family-friendly budget.

Having spotted the opportunity, Hayden became a licensed builder and supervisor and created the cabins that would become our signature; sturdy, secure builds with spacious layouts and high quality fit-outs.

In addition to setting a high standard of quality and comfort, we are passionate about investing back into the community that supports us. We take pride in sourcing from local suppliers and tradesmen; from hiring local painters and electricians to sourcing building materials and furniture from local businesses instead of big chains.

In fact, most of the furniture in your cabin is sourced from the skilled workers at the Minda Association, a fantastic organisation that supports South Australians with disabilities to find employment, achieve their goals and live their best life.

Now, with over 25 years of experience behind us and the addition of the Port Augusta Cabin Park, our thriving family business continues to expand.

And along with the help of a few fantastic local team members, Kylie continues to work behind the scenes to run the business and Hayden continues to roll out expansions and updates on both sites.

It’s also not unusual to find us behind the check-in desk, so if you’re dropping by soon, we look forward to welcoming you to Bentley’s Cabin Park.

Thanks for supporting a local family business.

See you soon,
Kylie and Hayden Bentley